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About Prodigm Inc

What Problems do we solve? Our clients come to us because they are in need of expert help in implementing one of the Zoho family of cloud-based products, starting with CRM and including all of the range of products for Accounting, Mass personalized emailing, Marketing Automation, Sales competition and performance management, Inventory control and Order entry, Web site integration and Survey automation, To help you grow your business faster, our Six Pillars of Success philosophy is embedded in our entire process, helping our clients thrive in a fast growth environment, with no ulcers. We do the heavy-lifting of system process design, training and data conversion and when it is “ready to go”, we hand you the keys of a fully functional system that grows lasting value into your organization. How do we do it? First we implement Zoho CRM to manage all the day-to-day sales and customer-related operations, then we plug in the other Zoho suite of easy-to-use products that manage your specific business requirements. Email Communication, Marketing, Billing, Accounting, On-line Surveys, Support Management, Mobile Apps, Analytics. You get a fully integrated, secure, cloud-based business system that is accessible anywhere, on any device. Try any of our products for free and ask us for a free 30 minute consultation to get you on the road to success

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